La Guerre des Gilets Jaunes continues

The protests will continue as long as Macron refuses to resign:

Violence erupted in France for the 11th Saturday in a row today as thousands of so-called Yellow Vest protestors demonstrated against President Emmanuel Macron’s government. It came two days after the head of state had accused British politicians of ‘tearing society apart’ by allowing a Brexit referendum in Britain, but today the chants in his own country were for his resignation.

The worst early violence was in Paris, and in northern towns including Evreux and Rouen, in Normandy, where tear gas and baton charges were used by police to restore order…. Today’s ugly scenes came on the 11th Saturday in a row of violence that now routinely reduces cities and towns to battle zones.

Mr Macron has since pledged that any attempt to damage pubic property will be treated with the ‘most severe action possible.’ Despite a range of concessions by President Macron including scrapping green taxes of diesel and petrol, the Vests continue to call for him to step down.

The anti-democratic whores of the EU do not represent the people. The Macron government is illegitimate and against the interests of France.