Who needs a federal government

The USA has enjoyed the longest government shutdown in its history without incident:

The partial government shutdown became the longest closure in U.S. history at when the clock ticked past midnight Friday as President Donald Trump and nervous Republicans scrambled to find a way out of the mess.

A solution couldn’t come soon enough for federal workers who got pay statements Friday but no pay.

The House and Senate voted to give federal workers back pay whenever the federal government reopens and then left town for the weekend, leaving the shutdown on track to become one for the record books once the clock struck midnight and the closure entered its 22nd day.

And while Trump privately considered one dramatic escape route – declaring a national emergency to build the wall without a new stream of cash from Congress – members of his own party were fiercely debating that idea, and the president urged Congress to come up with another solution.

‘What we’re not looking to do right now is national emergency,’ Trump said. He insisted that he had the authority to do that, adding that he’s ‘not going to do it so fast’ because he’d still prefer to work a deal with Congress.

Even the black-pillers are beginning to understand that the God-Emperor is serious about building his Big Beautiful Wall. And he is serious about it because he understands that without it, there is no point in even running for re-election.

The Republican Establishment is serious about trying to primary him with Mitt Romney – last week 54 Republican Senators voted to directly attack unalienable American rights at the behest of AIPAC and other Neo-Palestinian interest groups – and President Trump will not be able to defeat that treacherous challenge if he does not deliver on his most important promise to his supporters.

Stand firm and inflexible, Mr. President. Build the Wall. Drain the Swamp. That is the road to victory in 2020.