Big Bear doesn’t take the bait

I could probably learn something from the way Owen Benjamin handles those who are interested in stirring up Internet drama between various personalities with potentially differing opinions.

Next time you talk to Vox Day, would you be interested in stress-testing your conflicting opinions of Dennis Prager? Vox not a fan to say the least?

No. because all his points were valid! I like Prager. I mean, Vox doesn’t hate Prager, he just thinks he’s a fake nationalist, which he kind of is, according to the strict definition of what nationalist means. And in this world of nonsense, you’ve kind of got to start, like, words matter! What the word means matters! This whole conflation of state and nation, like a nationalist and a statist, your government is not your nation!

And Vox just is one of those guys that, thankfully, pays very, very close – he’s a fucking book editor! He pays very close attention to the definition of words. And when someone says something like “Judeo-Christian values,” it drives him crazy. Because Judeo-Christian, do you know what Judeo-Christian means, actually? It means a Jew who became Christian. Andrew Klavan is Judeo-Christian. It doesn’t mean Jewish and Christian! That’s fucking insane!

I don’t know. What do you guys think?

The definition of words is the biggest problem we face.

100 percent. I’m going to start saying Judeo-Islam. It’s just as insane. It makes no sense. And people are like, “Jesus was Jewish”. That’s like saying George Washington was British. It’s so intentionally fucking stupid.

No, let me think of a good example of what that would be. Do you guys have any funny examples? Judeo-Buddhist, that’s hysterical. I had a great one earlier when I was doing fence work, I just didn’t write it down.

George Washington was indeed British. 

To say George Washington was British is intentionally fucking with all of history. He was America’s first President. He’s debatably the most American dude ever…. I listened to the whole thing. It didn’t sound like he was trashing Prager. He was just calling out the guy’s vagueness. Like, he’s at least misinformed, if not intentionally doing wizardry. Judeo-Christian is not a word. America was not founded on Judeo-Christian values. There’s a better argument that America was more founded on Masonic values.

Owen is right. I don’t hate my former WND colleague Dennis Prager. I also don’t trust him, nor would I recommend Prager U to anyone who wants an objective and reliable account of history, especially American history. Whatever his various strengths and weaknesses might be, they are colored by the fact that he is not an American, he is a Neo-Palestinian whose primary concern is for the Neo-Palestinian people who are every bit as Palestinian as the people who were there when they arrived, or, in the case of Dennis Prager, didn’t actually ever quite get around to arriving.

Words mean things. And those who obscure, fold, spindle, and mutilate the meaning of words for their own ends are wizards who are pursuing ends and serving masters that they wish to conceal from you.

Later in the stream, Big Bear explains that he’s not afraid of labels, why he’s not afraid to talk to Flat Earthers and others who challenge the current narrative, and how the perception of those who challenge the narrative changes over time.

Vox Day has an actual plan. That motherfucker was so ahead of schedule that people found him terrifying. And now that some of his predictions, decades ago, are coming true, half the population finds him terrifying, and the other half are like, “oh, he’s a really good guy.” It takes balls to go against the narrative. It takes fucking balls.

It has been fascinating to see how much less crazy people seem to think I am now compared to the middle nineties. I am old enough to remember when people denied that the National Security Agency existed, and declared, with much the same self-assurance as the Moonies today, that anyone who believed the Federal government was capturing and recording everyone’s emails and telephone calls was paranoid.

But all I’ve ever done is observe current events and interpret them through the various trends I have learned about from others and personally observed in the written historical record. I do have a Christian filter, because that is the philosophical model I believe makes the most comprehensive sense of everything, but I’m perfectly capable of doing my analyses without utilizing it.