Most DEFINITELY not Alt-Right

I have no idea why anyone thinks this clown is even remotely a threat to anyone except himself. Although I suppose it’s possible you might actually pull something laughing at him.

The alt-right should be in favor of banning of all video games, and actually we should go further and we should make all video games feminist, extreme feminism, so basically the video game will be you have to ask permission to kiss girls and they just say no all the time. That’s like you keep going up levels and you keep not getting laid. That should be the only video games allowed, and basically it’s a it’s just a you know you have heroic versions of purple-haired SJWs conquering Nazis and things like that.

So it we basically want these video games to turn off as many young men as possible so that they will turn on to something that’s actually real and I’m actually serious about this.

Speaking as a professional multi-platinum-selling game designer, don’t quit your day job. Assuming, of course, that you’ve ever actually had one.