A satanic racial imperialist

In case you ever had any doubts about my complete rejection of Richard Spencer or why I identified him as a Fake Right anti-nationalist, this video should resolve them for you. This is a partial transcript of ‘The Richard Spencer Show: Moonraker’ with Mark Brahmin on HEELTURN

RICHARD SPENCER: This is our view of the world, this is what we do for you now, and this is our view for the future. At some point we need to put forth a legitimate vision and a legitimate platform, saying this is our answer to the world’s problems. I think there’s something to be said for such a vision.

CALLER: Ancient Greeks sacked cities and set fire to their homes. Modern paleocons say that there must be a homeland for all. They are gay. Nations rise and fall, we either live to colonize the stars or die honorably. Paleocons aren’t even right-wing.

RICHARD SPENCER: I basically agree with this criticism of what you could say is pan-nationalism. It’s almost like egalitarian nationalism, but it’s almost nationalism as egalitarianism. You know, every single little people will have an ethnostate homeland and we’ll all therefore kind of unify, or, you know, at least treat each other fairly, and kind of be unified, the friendship of peoples, you could say, and so on. I think there is something to be said for such a vision, and something at least rhetorically that we should call upon, and say that you have your ethnostate, this is what we want.

But as an actual ideology, I think it absolutely fails. This is not, this is simply not, how the world works. Nations and states are born, they live, they flourish, they decay and die. And we can’t just freeze the world as it is now and say nothing ever changes from here on out. No, we believe in an organic view of society. There is going to be life, and death, and decay, and victory, and defeat.

I think as an actual philosophy, this pan-nationalism has never, I’ve never had any interest in it. And also, one thing we can learn from the ancient world, we can also learn from the modern world as well, there are hegemonic power blocs across the world. That is not going to go anywhere. We aren’t going to just simply devolve into little statelets, or city states, or neighborhoods, whatever they want. There’s going to be big kahunas out there, who have more power than others, and are going to form the geopolitical world order. That just is what it is. We need to live in the world that exists and not just in some fantasy land.

MARK BRAHMIN: It’s also desirable. I mean, honestly, it’s also desirable. There is this famous parable in the Bible about the Tower of Babel. And the whole premise of that parable is that there are effectively these kind of non-Jewish figures whoa re trying to build a tower to go to the heavens. The Jewish god effectively sees them as a competitor, right?


MARK BRAHMIN: He sends down his minions. He says lets go down and confuse their languages and disrupt them. So that Tower of Babel is kind of an ideal. That’s something that our adversaries wouldn’t want. When I say “the Tower of Babel” that would actually be a kind of unified culture. This unified language, or a common language, and common culture. We already have that to on extent or another, with English being a coommon language in the Western World. I think going in that direction, further in that direction, is actually a good thing.

RICHARD SPENCER: We need to flip all this supposed Biblical wisdom on its head. This is the paleocon answer: Oooh the Tower of Babel or whatever! It’s funny that a lot of these people are Catholics. No, we build structures that last a thousand years. That is what we do. We build the Tower of Babel. We build Rome and we centralize things and bring people together. And this can last a long time.

First, he doesn’t know what “pan-nationalism” means. He himself is actually a pan-national imperialist, and what he’s criticizing is genuine nationalism. Second, he’s not merely non-Christian and he wasn’t “confused about Brexit”, he openly supports globalist projects like the European Union and looks to the Tower of Babel as an ideal.

Spencer is no more on the side of Western civilization than Jordan Peterson or George Soros. He’s just another head of the globalist hydra.