Bringing the heat

The God-Emperor is serious about the shutdown:

President Donald Trump returned Friday to a threat to close the nation’s southern border if he doesn’t get his wall money from Congress.

Trump warned as the weekend began that he’ll close every port of entry, if he doesn’t see progress not only on his wall, but on a total immigration overhaul.

‘We build a Wall or close the Southern Border,’ he declared.

He claimed in tweets in the last day that Democratic opposition to his wall is totally political in nature and is untethered from their assertions that his desired border barrier would be impractical. The president said they should work harder to end the current shutdown, because it mainly affects their voters.

Trump also said once more that he could cut off aid to Central America as he raged about the formation of a new caravan.

It’s particularly interesting to note that he understands that running a massive trade deficit means there is no reason to fear a border closure for the nation in deficit.

The United States looses soooo much money on Trade with Mexico under NAFTA, over 75 Billion Dollars a year (not including Drug Money which would be many times that amount), that I would consider closing the Southern Border a “profit making operation.”

Donald Trump may be the first President who understands that having nothing to lose means the freedom to do as you please. Shutting down foreign trade is by definition good for the economy whenever you’re trading at a net loss. As we’ve already seen in the earlier tariff battles, the less trade, the more GDP, whenever (X-M) is negative.