Bleeding Cool’s Top 100

Apparently Bleeding Cool releases its Top 100 Power List for the comics industry every year. While I tend to doubt they would dare to put me on it even if I bought Marvel Comics from Disney and personally authored the top-selling comic of the year, at least we have been provided an objective measure of just how big 2VS is in the comics industry.

Although you’d think I’d get at least a modicum of credit for getting their Editor-in-Chief fired for the mere crime of daring to speak with me.

97. Mark Waid
A major comic book writer, editor and publisher, he is currently the ongoing writer on Doctor Strange. Being sued by Richard Meyer over his involvement, or not, in the decision of Antarctic Press to cancel the Jawbreakers graphic novella, whatever the merits of that suit, demonstrates that some, certainly, see his actions as impactful. Reducing his social media interactions, no longer co-owing a comic store and the mothballing of his Thrillbent digital publisher has seen his listing number drop, but he was able to wrangle a significant portion of the comics industry to back his legal defence.

74. Ethan Van Sciver
Leaving DC Comics after prominent creators refused to work with him anymore, he used the usual mixture of Comicsgate virtue signalling, identity politics and mocking hater videos to raise over half a million dollars on Indiegogo, for his still-upcoming Cyberfrog comic revival. The highest amount raised on crowdfunding by any comic creator in the year, it helps that he can actually draw. This helped him take the position as leading Comicsgate figure as Richard Meyer stepped back, due to his legal case with Mark Waid, and not wanting to give the defence further ammunition.