Politicizing history

You might think that a comment or two would not be sufficient to counterbalance an entire life lived, much less a long one lived by a self-made billionaire, sports team owner, and family man. But then, you don’t think like an SJW:

Texans owner Bob McNair spent two decades working his way into the exclusive club of NFL ownership, and then into that club’s inner circle of influence. By the start of this decade, he’d arrived, serving on the six-man committee that officiated the NFL’s return to Los Angeles, holding a seat on the commissioner’s compensation committee and chairing the finance committee.

On one hand, that’s who he was—a statesman within ownership ranks who was known for his pragmatism and level-headedness. On another, his legacy will be forever marked by events of October 2017, when a comment he made at an NFL social-justice summit became public, and went viral.

This is why it matters who writes the histories.