Mailvox: cowardice vs Christianity

A German reader describes why men cannot stand fake and hyperfeminized churchianity in lieu of genuine Christianity:

In one of your recent videos – I think it was one of the videos on Jordan Peterson – you mentioned that men really trying to improve on their lives tend to go the the gym and to read the new testament. This statement I can fully confirm from my personal experience. Being a gamma most of my life I slowly but steadily work myself out of the gamma’s self-absorption in recent years and going to the gym and practicing my refound Christian faith are two important pillars in that respect.

The motivation to go the gym I got already years ago and independently of your blog and videos. It’s another story with my refound Christian  faith. I was raised and educated in a Christian family and – as you also write in a blog post from May 2nd, 2018 – I think it was that very Christian education that contributed to me developing gamma habits in the first place. For example I remember my mother stressing that Jesus was a superior man for not defending himself and being a victim. Combine that with a weak father with strong gamma traits and you won’t be surprised that I developed the typical passive-aggressiveness of a gamma. Just to name another example: I remember attending a bible lecture as a child where the (male) member of the church community who served there as a teacher told us that women were somehow stronger than men. I don’t remember the context, I only remember my astonishment (“don’t have men naturally more strength than women?”) but somehow accepting his statement in the end.

When I discovered men’s movements and the manosphere some years ago I tended to regain an interest in God as the strong father I would have wished for my childhood days. At the same time I rejected the Christian faith and even resented it because I blamed it for turning me into a full-blown gamma. Especially verses like “turning the other cheek” brought about my general rejection. My relationship with God remainded being more of a superficial interest than a deep-rooted faith at this time.

The beginning of the breakthrough back to my Christian faith came roughly half a year ago with watching your video “Hate is a Christian Virtue”. This was the starting point for my growing understanding that Christianity isn’t about cowardly backing down and being submissive to evil and harmful people. I began to understand the Christian faith from a new and masculine point of view. I began to understand that it’s also about being strong and clear in one’s stand against attackers. Now I’m reading bible verses daily again and listen to sermons regularly (if you don’t now it already I highly recommend John MacArthur’s series on Social Justice and the Gospel). I even found a group of Christian men practicing the Christian faith and supporting each other in their manhood.

So first and foremost I want to thank you for your helpful work on the socio-sexual hierarchy and Christianity. Moreover I’d really appreciate it – if your time and interests allow it at this point – if you would further elaborate on the topic of Christianity and why it involves masculine strength rather than being opposed to it. In particular I’d really like to know your interpretation of verses like “turning the other cheek”.

The key to understanding the concept of turning the other cheek is to grasp that motivations matter. God knows your thoughts! You are not going to fool Him. If you are refraining from striking down the man who violently humiliates you out of cowardice, then you are not turning the other cheek. You are not seeking to be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect. You’re just being a coward and there is less than zero spiritual benefit to you from your failure to respond. Better that you hit your attacker back, and do so harder than he hit you.

Turning the other cheek is only for the man who is strong enough to demonstrate his forbearance as an example of God’s mercy and impregnability, just as carrying the legionary’s equipment for an extra mile can only apply to the individual who is able to carry it for the first mile. One cannot strive to be a perfect man when one is not even truly a man.

That’s merely my opinion, of course. I am a political philosopher, not a theologian.