Blair White outs fake conservatives

Blair White is more considerably more legitimate than the fake conservative celebrities of LA:

Another big reason why I’ve been so turned off from doing political commentary is the other people that people see as my peers, people that I’ve worked with other commentators –  kind of want to be careful with what I even say here – but I moved to LA almost a year ago and one thing about LA is there’s a lot of work here so a lot of other political commentators, other people who you guys know, I’m not talking about obscure people, here a lot of them either live in LA or they’re constantly in and out for work filming something doing whatever they do. So I’ve met almost all of them, people, have either been on their show or on a show with them, or I went to a dinner with them, an event with them, or I became close with some of them that I’ve met that have told me,  either directly or in a roundabout way,  and it’s very clear that they don’t believe everything that they say that they believe when they’re on camera. A lot of them just don’t believe. they’re just actors,  they’re actors, I don’t know how else to put it.

Had one person who I went on their show and I was in the greenroom, which is like the makeup room before you go on camera, the host of this show comes in, and it’s like hey Blair you know small talk, hey Blair I wanted you on for a while, so glad you’re here, nice to meet you, let’s take a picture. They pull me aside and say I just want you to know Blair, I don’t feel any negative way towards you or trans people. I know we talked about trans people a lot on the show, but that’s just because it’s kind of what the fans want, it’s just kind of where we’re at right now. And I was taken aback because I felt like that’s really fraudulent, that you would feel the need to go on air and say something negative about trans people or transgender and some or whatever but it’s not really how you feel. He also said he has like a trans cousin or something like that and that he feels bad that they’re the butt of every joke on his show or whatever, but almost every person I met after him was almost always consistently like that. You start learning things like, oh almost all of them hire people to tweet and Facebook posts and Instagram on their behalf, tweeting out opinions on their behalf , which I feel like is unethical because if people were following you because they believe you’re some intellectual and they trust your opinion and they’re gonna shape their opinions a lot of times on an issue based on your opinion and it’s not even actually your opinion! It’s something you paid someone to assume as your opinion and you’re so much of a rigid, like, a binary thinker, that it’s easy just to pay someone to tweet out the standard response and this is what it’s like.

I don’t respect that. I don’t really know what it is about me in particular that makes people feel comfortable to sort of reveal to me that they don’t believe all the things that they say they believe on camera. And I’m not talking about small things either, you guys, I’m talking about like huge principal positions. I’m talking about like the kind of stuff that a lot of you guys follow these people for they don’t even actually believe. It’s just crazy. Months ago I was gearing up to do a tour which never happened because the tour company completely screwed me over, but regardless, I had started promoting it and someone who’s very prominent in the social political commentary sphere hit me up, and you know, what this person told me, they told me to plant fake protesters outside of your event. Not only that, they said make fake signs because you’re probably gonna get protesters but you want to amp the numbers. This person instructed me, or my team and myself to make signs saying things that were super, super ridiculous to put outside and bulk up the numbers of people who may protest. And it made me sick because clearly this person has done that and this is someone who, although hated by many, is also loved by many, and many who let him believe that all those people were real.

It’s just such I just I know too much about these people, but a lot of these people were on the complete opposite end of the political spectrum just a couple years ago publicly, before the money started flowing on the other side.

If the media is promoting someone on the nominal Right, you can be all but certain that they are bought-and-paid-for Fake Right. Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and Dave Rubin. They are fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. All of the cucks are Fake Right.

It astonishes me that 10 years after William F. Buckley’s death, conservatives are still falling head-over-heels for the gatekeepers the Left creates for them.