They took Bleeding Cool’s scalp

Now the Comics-SJWs are going after Bounding Into Comics:

Bounding into Comics has become the latest target of comic book industry professionals’ attempts to silence those whose opinions they disagree with. On Tuesday, prominent Marvel and DC Comics Colorist Tamra Bonvillain (Doom Patrol, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Uncanny Avengers) issued a call to her followers to unfollow and ignore Bounding Into Comics (henceforth BiC):

Tamra Bonvillain@TBonvillain
I would appreciate it if some of you would check their followers, and if you see a company you’re working with or have a good enough relationship with to talk to them about it, make them aware. I’m sure it’s in error, and I’ve contacted a publisher before and got them to stop.

As with many other comic book news websites, BiC does in fact receive review copies of books from major publishers such as Image, DC, Boom!, IDW, etc. The one publisher that does not work with BiC is Marvel Comics. At one time BiC did receive press releases from Marvel, but Marvel has since ceased this practice and ignored all requests from BiC editorial for details.

Bonvillain is no stranger to controversy, as she has a history of producing and supporting inflammatory statements. Previously, Bonvillain called ComicsGate supporters “trash”, declared that the ComicsGate movement is a “hate campaign”, and harshly criticized Chelsea Cain because she did not include trans characters in her recent series.

Bounding into Comics is committed to providing readers and audience members with factual news coverage on the comic book industry. While many see the coverage of individual creators and their words as personal attacks, these stories are reported not out of malice, but because the audience deserves to be informed of the workings of the industry and how it could affect them personally. Though coverage may spark controversy, backlash, or even personal attacks, the team at BiC will continue to provide well-researched and informative stories from across the comic book industry.

This attack on Bounding Into Comics is further proof, as if any more were required, that my position about the inevitable bifurcation and Fox-Newsing of the comics industry was correct and ex-Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief Mark Siefert’s well-intentioned, but naive perspective, as expressed in his now-deleted Bleeding Cool article, was hopelessly wrong.

It’s not as if this very scenario hasn’t been played out before in various industries, to say nothing of the American political system. The more the extreme Left attempts to exert its influence over permissible thoughts, opinions, and actions, and the more people that it banishes from the infrastructure it controls, the more powerful the reaction of the Right becomes.

We’ve seen this again, and again, and again. This process is already well underway in comics, which is why Arkhaven, and ComicsGate, and Bounding Into Comics exist in the first place. The more that Bleeding Cool ignores Arkhaven and we continue to ignore them – and we have no intention of ever speaking with them about anything or sending them any review copies in the future – the less relevant they will become as others follow our lead and we begin to make movies and games as well as further inroads into the financing, production, and distribution of comics.

Considering the journalistic competence of John Trent and his crew at Bounding Into Comics and their willingness to cover both sides of a story, I expect that they will begin to cut seriously into Bleeding Cool’s monthly traffic within 12-18 months. And the SJWs know it too, which is precisely why they have begun this campaign against them.