Everyone in England was Black

Here we go again. This time, it’s Black Javert. It’s gotten completely obnoxious. Why not throw in an Eskimo, a Pygmy, and an Aztec Flower Warrior while you’re at it?

Following several months of anticipation, the BBC has unveiled official stills from its blockbuster six-part TV adaptation of Les Misérables.

A star-studded line-up, including Lily Collins, Ellie Bamber, Olivia Colman and Dominic West are seen in period costume for the upcoming drama — which, it has been revealed, will not be a musical.

And the network has broken new ground by casting a black actor, Selma star David Oyelowo, as Javert – a part played by Russell Crowe and Geoffrey Rush in recent film versions of the tale, set in 19th century France.

We were watching The Frankenstein Chronicles on the recommendation of one of our authors. It’s set in 1827, so when the second African character was introduced, it was openly distracting enough to make everyone laugh. It’s just ridiculous.

As a bonus, Thenardier is apparently an Arab.