Post-confirmation investigations

Kevin McCullough of KMCRadio says the Kavanaugh hearings are going to result in at least three criminal investigations.

BREAKING: Multiple sources now telling me 3 additional investigations are about to open:

1. FBI – felony lying to Congress by accusers making false claims.
2. Congress – SenFeinstein’s handling of Ford letter.
3. DC Bar – into Ford’s attorneys malpractice.

The first two are fairly obvious, but the third one is interesting.

Ford’s legal team is facing an investigation by the Washington D.C. bar association. More than one person has noted Dr. Ford’s apparent shock while testifying upon learning that Senator Grassley had offered to send his staff to California to privately depose her. What was equally shocking was Ford’s lawyers literally jumping in front of the microphone to block her.

Senator Hatch expressed his concern in a letter to FBI Director Wray about her lawyers’ behavior. And now Senator Tom Cotton has confirmed that the D.C. bar is going to be looking into why Ford’s lawyers did not convey that to her.

What’s particularly intriguing about the third investigation is what it has the potential to uncover in the process, which is Ford’s decades-long Deep State background and the fact that the entire charade was concocted by the anti-Trump clowns. The whole thing was a stage-managed operation that looked about as genuine as the average “school shooting” these days.