Arresting the do-gooders

The West is going to start prosecuting its betrayers, as is already happening in Italy:

The mayor of a small town in southern Italy that became a model for immigrant integration was placed under house arrest Tuesday for allegedly aiding illegal immigration, a move that brought a well-spring of support for the mayor.

Italian financial police arrested the mayor of Riace, Domenico Lucano, as part of an investigation into the allocation of a half-million euros in public funds to house refugees and asylum-seekers.

Authorities said the investigation also is examining allegations that fraudulent associations were set up so immigrants could take over trash disposal contracts and the arranging of marriages of convenience to help female immigrants remain in Italy.

Lucano’s companion, Tesfahun Lemlem, also was placed under investigation and risks losing her Italian residency.

Find a few of these cucks guilty of treason and the rest will suddenly develop a newfound concern for their nation.