Message received

VFM #67 asked: “Well Vox you created an indigogo to ask if we wanted Arkhaven to do Q and we have responded, loudly and with a bullhorn. I trust the message was received?”

$102,067 USD raised by 1436 backers
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Message received. Loud and clear. The Legend Chuck Dixon is already on the script, Arklight Studios is already on the next two pages, and Helix Haze has already begun drawing the next 142 pages and covers to which he is committed.

I spoke with the team last night and the entire team wishes to thank all 1,436 backers for the strength of your support. That support not only makes these things possible in the first place, but sends a very clear message to the entire industry that Arkhaven Comics is here, that Arkhaven has a strong foundation of support, and that Arkhaven is going to be a growing force in the comics industry.

We will not let you down.

Now, a question. Unlike Freestartr, Indiegogo has something called InDemand that I believe allows people to buy products from the campaign even though the campaign is over. Should we turn it on? We’ve got a hard limit of 2500 on the collector’s editions and 25 on the posters, which is the only reason I can imagine to leave it off, so that should not be an issue. Anyhow, if you’re a backer, please share your thoughts.

UPDATE: the consensus opinion was to turn it on. I’ve removed the variant-cover paperback from the rewards so that will only go to the original backers. Another possible idea: original hardcover backers could receive the variant cover while post-campaign hardcover backers receive the regular cover.

An interesting note from an AH:Q backer who is new to Arkhaven.

I’ve followed Comicsgate extensively for the past 2 years. The best thing Ethan has done for me during all this is remind me that you exist. I was active during GamerGate and remember you from back then, but I was a semi-blue pilled normie back then. I’ve evolved quite a bit since then, for the better. Its funny that the day I unsubbed from Ethan, I sent him a super-chat calling him out and he called me a “Vox Day minion”. Hilarious because I only became a subscriber of yours the day of the imprint fiasco. While the rest of CG sperged out in your chat, I actually listened to you and heard the wisdom in your words. Proud to have backed Alt Hero Q and recently bought several Arkhaven/Dark Legion titles from Amazon. I’m actually looking forward to your books more than the ComicsGate books (with the exception of Red Rooster, which I eagerly anticipate on par with Alt-Hero.) However I will reserve final judgement for both after I have read them. Keep fighting the good fight! 

As the Dread Ilk know, we neither want nor expect mindless support from our backers. We expect you to continue to push us to pursue excellence. We want you to keep us from getting lazy and complacent. After all, when we need mindless obedience and unrestrained mayhem, that’s exactly what the VFM are for.