When hit pieces go awry

Can you say “Streisand Effect”? 2, 4, 7, 8… imagine what this will look like when we get issues #5, #6, and the first collection out! I suppose they will interpret this as more evidence of our nefarious astroturfing rather than their attempt to discredit us backfiring on them.

Trust the plan. Back the campaign.

UPDATE: After reading the transcript, I’m pretty sure 2VS didn’t listen to the whole piece when he praised it as “a fabulous NPR show about The Alt Right in comics.” He clearly doesn’t realize that he’s a bigger, fatter, more vulnerable target for the SJWs than I am, or that they’re already coming after him and his fellow ComicsGate Nazis.

Al Letson: All that anger has been rolled up into a hash tag, ComicsGate.

Al Letson: This isn’t just about comics, who gets to tell stories and who doesn’t, it’s also about money. One of the leaders behind ComicsGate has over 80,000 YouTube followers, and he’s raised nearly $400,000 for a graphic novel. This is war profiteering in the culture war, and fighting these battles has elevated him from an angry fanboy to a paid provocateur.

UPDATE: AH#1-4 are now four of the top six in the category. Plus CDA#2 and GG#2 in the top ten.