Darkstream: Amazon revives Gun Ghoul

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

The thing that you have to understand here is that this can happen to anyone. SJWs will abuse their positions if given the opportunity. Once you become a target, for whatever reason, however harmless you are, however harmless you believe yourself to be, however moderate you believe yourself to be, they will attempt to monkeywrench. It’s guaranteed, and again, it’s not just people like me, you know, actually, someone like me doesn’t get attacked that much because the SJWs know perfectly well that I’m not going to give in to them. I will actually go to the trouble of doing the exact opposite simply because I’m not willing to let myself be manipulated by them, but if you look at what’s happening with the Linux kernel….

Now, we all thought that the Linux kernel was unassailable because Linus Torvalds had established such a ruthless meritocracy, with no respect for feelings whatsoever. Now, suddenly, what we’re seeing is that thanks to the cancer known as Coraline, SJWs have managed to successfully oust Linus and they’ve managed to establish a code of conduct that they’ve already weaponized. They’re already using it to go after non-SJWs and try to eject them from positions of influence within the project, and so, you know, you have to understand that this is not a figment of my imagination!

I wrote about this back in 2015. Nothing has changed. I even specifically warned about this in SJWs Always Double Down, I specifically warned of the danger of codes of conduct and about this Coraline creature. Specifically! And now we’re seeing Linux, of all things, being converged, and you see people like Roosh whose books have been under attack, and the thing is that virtue-signaling and trying to get back in their good graces like we’re seeing some of the ComicsGate people do is not going to work. It’s not going to work because it’s not about you, it’s about them! They need to be oppositional. You know, once they have you as a target, you are of use to them, and if you are a target who is willing to virtue signal, what you’re doing is you’re painting a target on your chest. You’re not signaling virtue to them to them you’re signaling weakness and they’re going to keep pushing at it and they’re going to keep coming after it.

In the Darkstream, we also discussed the optimal timing of the next major Arkhaven campaign, which will be for a new series totally unrelated to Alt-Hero or any of our existing comics. This comment by a strong ComicsGate supporter was informative.

The indigogo fatigue is real, I started feeling it a few weeks ago. I’ve backed 19 of the indigogo comics so far though so perhaps that has something to do with it. I remember watching Mike S Millers stream some months ago where he interviewed a friend/colleague who recommended against launching close to: tax time and both before and after christmas. Like you said Vox, most people want their gifts in time for xmas and probably would be broke afterwards due to paying off credit cards. I live in Australia so I am unware of tax time for Americans and Euros. I’d say Feb-Nov would be a safe bet for indigogo campaigns, taking into account regional tax periods. 

Quarterly campaigns (4 times a year) also seem like a safe bet. Though apparently launching a fresh campaign while leaving another uncompleted or unfulfilled is a big crowd-funding “no no”. Several Comicsgaters chided Diversity and Comics for launching Iron Sights whilst leaving Jawbreakers unfulfilled. However this may not apply to you as you have a history of fulfilling campaigns and Arkhaven has already a reputation for providing its products.

Share your thoughts, especially if you’re an Alt-Hero backer. We’re well aware of the fatigue aspect; it hasn’t escaped our attention that AH:Q has about half the number of backers that the original AH did. Keep in mind that for us a) these campaigns are as much to test the strength of the demand as to raise the resources required, and, b) we have different art teams on the different series, so there is no impact whatsoever on the speed with which the current projects are being completed.

That being said, I’m leaning towards mid-January at the soonest. I just don’t see how it would be a good idea to do anything before then and we’d like to see Alt★Hero: Q finish strong. Plus, waiting will give us more time to put together some truly killer campaign resources.