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I’ve been peeking in on yall’s conversation, but I needed a chime in here. Vox has been roundly mocked by me and Ethan for the past year in his abortive attempts to be a publisher.

Castalia House has been around since 2014 and publishes more than 100 titles in print, digital, and audio editions. Arkhaven/Dark Legion has been around for nine months and has already published 24 digital editions and 11 print editions, including a new digital edition earlier today.

It’s not exactly surprising to learn that Two-Face was roundly mocking me at the same time he was suggesting that I collaborate with him. Hence the moniker. But I don’t think this D&C moron even understands what the word “abortive” means. Or “attempts”, for that matter.

Anyhow, it’s very good to know exactly who and what these people are, so that we’ll know to avoid working with them in the future. I’m beginning to conclude that some of these guys were not rejected by their former colleagues in the comics industry for their politics, but for their personalities and lack of professionalism.

UPDATE: An Arkhaven author points out that our attempts to be a publisher are observably successful.

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Funny. Vox publishes me, @Dixonverse, Gary Kwapisz and others in comics. In politics @Cernovich @JackPosobiec @StefanMolyneux and others. In science fiction big names like @NickColeBooks and B.V. Larson so sell books 10x the level you do.

How’s Splatto Comics coming?

UPDATE: I wonder why 2VS didn’t use “ComicsGate Comics”? I hear it is available. And doesn’t he have the trademark?

Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney creator Ethan Van Sciver announced a brand new publishing company called ALL CAPS Comics that will house Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney and future endeavors he plans on taking on. Ethan described ALL CAPS Comics as “the name of my publishing. It will be the label under which I solicit my comics through DIAMOND to place my books for sale on the direct market.”

The publishing company will currently be focused on Cyberfrog as well as possible spin-offs from that title. It will also house “all other ideas [Ethan has] for IPs” unrelated to Cyberfrog. Ethan told us Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney will be released in a “new format next year thru DIAMOND under ALL CAPS.” Ethan is currently the only creator who will be operating under ALL CAPS Comics at this moment, but he’s definitely open to see other creators join him.

I have to admit, I liked this movie better the first time, when it was called Dangerous Books. But some people are simply incapable of learning from the mistakes of others.