Sweden votes for suicide

As someone once pointed out, Swedes today are the descendants of the guys who were too scared to go off and viking. So, perhaps the planet will be better off without them, if they are so determined to be overrun and genetically disappeared in the same way the Danes of the erstwhile English Danelaw were. The results of the election today, in which the nationalists fell far short of the 30 percent support I had predicted they would receive:

  • Social Democrats – 28.4{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Moderates – 19.8{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Sweden Democrats – 17.6{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Centre Party – 8.6{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Left Party – 7.9{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Christian Democrats – 6.4{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Liberal Party – 5.5{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
  • Green Party – 4.3{0102aa0f02cfd69cb85441d6a514722e3c8c46899e45ab788e9473b6ed4c3f5f}
Then again, no serious observer believes that the West is going to save itself through the ballot box. That being said, while 17.6 percent is a disappointment for the Sweden Democrats, it is a significant increase over the 12.9 percent support it previously held. And the behavior of the new government, whether it is of the Left or of the nominal Right, is almost certain to ensure the continued growth of support for the nationalists.

I tend to suspect that it was the SD’s retreat on a strong anti-immigration position that caused them to underperform. Remember, it is always the bold Reagans and Thatchers who overperform, the cautious Bushes and Majors who underperform.

UPDATE: More of this is what the Swedes have voted for:

A PREGNANT MEMBER of the right wing Sweden Democrats was attacked outside a polling station by two young men as Sweden went to the polls today in the most controversial election in its history.The attackers screamed at terrified Emilia Orpana calling her a whore and a racist as she campaigned in Nynäshamn, 35 miles south of Stockholm. She was working at the polling station when she was targeted by the thugs. Ms Orpana said was terrified of being kicked in the stomach and added: “I felt very worried and afraid”. Another representative for the party and a third person who had come to vote were also verbally abused by the two youngsters.