Mailvox: the state of Sweden

An email from a Swedish reader providing perspective on yesterday’s state elections.

Here follows a local perspective on the Swedish elections, and I hope you find it of use.

(1) I agree with you – SD cucked too much on immigration, but SD have cucked up in other ways, such as (2) expelling their youth organization (which then became AFS), and (3) expelling other “extremists” from their ranks. (4) The power balance in the leadership of SD shifted to the liberal and civic nationalist faction after the 2014 election, and (5) they’ve let themselves be converged through the implementation of (((“värdegrund”))), which is the Swedish equivalent of Codes of Conduct.

(6) The party leader, Jimmy Åkesson, who was always pushing the party in the direction of civic nationalism for it to become more “acceptable”, suffered a burnout depression 2015, and AFAIK he’s still on anti-depressants, which IMO seems to have taken the fire out of him. During and after his convalescence, the balance of power in the party leadership seemed to shift, as mentioned before.

(7) SD has also had huge problems gaining suitable candidates for both local and national functions, and there has been hugely publicized shows of incompetence. (8) They’ve also had problems with reps doing underhand financial stuff, and though it’s been nothing worse than what the reps of their opposition does, the red/green/liberal (((media))) has had too many field days. Add on top of this that (9) some of their most effective and loyal representatives have been evicted from the party. Many of the normies of the working class who aren’t unambiguously and overtly affected by the immigration yet, don’t really see that much of a difference between SD and the other parties any more. To them, they’re mostly just politicians, and to some more or less significant extent, they’re right about that.

Sad, but this election doesn’t really matter, because unless SD had gained 30 percent+ and AFS had gained entry to the Riksdag, which was unlikely to begin with, nothing much would have changed anyways. The SWPL middle class are isolated in their nice, mostly ethnically homogeneous neighborhoods. They drive their fancy Priuses to their nice jobs where they have a few GoodBrowns for colleagues. How they love mentioning their GoodBrown colleagues when talking about immigration, as if they’re somehow representative of the majority of immigrants.

The truly interesting times™ will be when SHTF in the next 4-8 years, and the SWPLs become personally affected. Already, non-western immigrants, up to the 3rd generation are moving into previously homogeneous areas, and their ways are sufficiently different to cause irritation and low level conflicts. What’s more, the establishment is literally spraying the country with reception centers for “refugees”. This is also true of currently nicer areas. When their wives, sisters and daughters get raped, their sons beaten and robbed, things will change. (((The media))) doesn’t write about immigration much any more, and are trying to give the impression that the crisis of 2015 ended. It hasn’t.

My hope is with the <20 year olds. When the Zyclonistas come of age (who are mostly very uncucked already), the fight will begin. They don't give a shit about pretty words and feelings. They (((know))).