Mailvox: le shrug

This is simply not the sort of thing I am inclined to get worked up about.

JF smacked you & said you had a 117 IQ. I honestly was not expecting this but I questioned him on his thoughts on your conversation and he attacked you.  Fast forward to 127:30. Very disrespectful to you.

What are your thoughts on your convo with Vox Day?

I think Vox Day is very smart and I really enjoyed the conversation. Now Vox Day has this problem he’s like 117 IQ but it really strongly believes that he is 118 IQ. He has slightly overreached on his evaluation of his own IQ.

I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all. Nor do I see it as an attack. First of all, people are entitled to their opinions based on their personal observations. Second, I think it may be the common situation of the individual who is smarter than the norm failing to recognize when he’s dealing with someone who is outside his customary frame of reference. If you’re defining “very smart” as an IQ of 117, then you’re obviously more accustomed to dealing with midwits than VHIQ or UHIQ individuals.

What I find somewhat amusing is that it is almost invariably those in the 1SD to 2SD range who believe that I overestimate my intelligence, whereas people in the 3SD to 4SD range often incorrectly insist that I sell myself short. In either case, their opinions are irrelevant. Not being an American of a certain age, JF has no reason to either know that nearly everyone my age has had their IQ objectively evaluated multiple times or understand the significance of National Merit in this regard.

For my part, I enjoyed talking to JF, and if he happened to feel my contributions to the conversation fell short of the sparkling intellectual pyrotechnics expected, well, I suppose I’ll just have to be more scintillating and insightful next time.

UPDATE: It has been suggested that Google’s autotranscriber is to blame and that JF was referring to 170 and 180 IQs. If so, let me hasten to assure him and everyone else that I definitely fall more than a standard deviation short of either.