Review of Quantum Mortis AMD #3

Bounding Into Comics reviews QM:AMD #3:

Vox Day’s Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted continues its look into the sci-fi world of Graven Tower as he and Detector Hildreth unravel the baffling murder of an alien Royal Prince. This issue, much like the first two, spends most of its time in exposition with a heavy dose of dialogue and not a small amount of fun character moments for our two main characters. We are also introduced to several new characters who, while probably not major players going forward, served their purpose in making issue #3 a highly interesting read, if not a terribly exciting one.

I think the most appealing aspect of this issue, as well as the story on a whole, is the continuing evolution of main star, Graven Tower. It’s easily forgivable if, after the first issue, one would have labeled Tower as a one-note, stereotypical character. A loner who bucks the system and thinks he’s God’s gift to women is a bundle of tropes that we’ve seen attributed to thousands of fun, but shallow characters for years now. Graven Tower, however, continues to grow as the issues march on and his aloofness, paired with his genuine talent, combine to give us a main star who is more nuanced than I thought he was going to be. His attraction to Detector Hildreth and her complete dismissal of his feelings towards her make for some great character moments and some charming sequences of comedy….

Despite the fact that there is a staggering amount of dialogue here and very little action (almost none), issue #3 of Quantum Mortis is the most interesting yet.

Read the whole thing there. It’s very fair and balanced. It’s also interesting to see how some readers are beginning to come around on the idea that the depth of the story matters and that dialogue can be more than a necessary evil to be minimized in favor of SOCK-BAM-BOOM action.

Of course, those who believe there is a shortage of action in Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted are likely to be very surprised as the series continues.