Doubling down on globalism

Emmanuel Macron has gone the not-British, not-German, and not-Swedish “nations of immigrants” one better and is openly denying the existence of the French and Danish people.

France has a “deep and complex identity, which has always been thought of as universalism”, the former investment banker said, before stating he believes he has succeeded in provoking “cultural change” in the native since his election last year.

“People are changing their minds, they are much more open to risk,” he told the event, which was broadcast on Danish television.

“You will see France transformed by its people.”

Asked by a Danish student about the future of national identities in Europe, Macron said that “the ‘true Dane’ does not exist — he is a European”.

“Even your language is not just Danish — it is European. The same is true for the French”, he added.

To say that these people are unfit for national leadership doesn’t even begin to describe their despicable treachery. They are literally seeking to eliminate their own nations.