Coming VERY soon

We anticipate launching the Alt★Hero: Q campaign this week, most likely tomorrow. We’re just putting the final touches on it now, although like last time, we will probably add stretch goals and additional perks as the backers request them. As per previous backer request, there will be an option to receive all of the six single-issue paperbacks in a single shipment when the sixth issue is complete and they will all be Gold Logo limited editions.

Which means that depending upon the number of backers, supporting the campaign may turn out to be the only way to obtain a Gold Logo edition of Alt★Hero: Q. In the meantime, please enjoy the campaign trailer. We are hoping to more than double our previous backer total and reach at least 5,000 backers. Because we are using new artists, and because The Legend Chuck Dixon is already almost done with the first 12 Avalon scripts, AH:Q will not slow down the production schedule of either the AH or CDA series. In fact, we expect to release AH#4: The War in Paris to backers next week, followed very soon after by CDA#2: Breaking the Code.

UPDATE: “Very soon” is now. The Alt★Hero: Q campaign is now live!