Head’s up

If you’re in the UK, it’s time to contact your local comic store and ask them to:

  1. sign up with Ingram’s iPage.
  2. start carrying Arkhaven and Dark Legion comics

Needless to say, the Comics-SJWs are just thrilled to hear that we are doing exactly what we said we would be doing six months ago.

rosie knight@RosieMarx
Just a heads up that @IngramContent have picked up distribution for Arkhaven Comics (alt-hero etc) in the UK and are randomly sending their racist books to shops out there as an attempt to get them to order them.

After all, why would comic stores have any interest in carrying anything new, considering how well they’re doing with Marvel and DC products. From Comichron:

As noted here Friday, the comics shop market made up considerable ground in July comparison with a weak July 2017, thanks to the Batman wedding storyline and several high-profile launches. Retailers ordered $44.64 million worth of comic books, graphic novels, and magazines in the month; the year-to-date deficit, piled up in winter, was cut in half to less than 2{e1b6c4ee08d0f44a6a5b11eb06b9139d63cfe72acbaefd7257f78696d447c626}. Click to see the comics sales estimates from July 2017. Both Marvel and DC contributed, combining for a dual market share of 70.69{e1b6c4ee08d0f44a6a5b11eb06b9139d63cfe72acbaefd7257f78696d447c626}, the highest proportion of the market seen since October 2011.

Market share leader Marvel beat its July 2017 dollar sales by 16{e1b6c4ee08d0f44a6a5b11eb06b9139d63cfe72acbaefd7257f78696d447c626}, aided by Amazing Spider-Man #1 and Captain America #1, among other launches. DC’s dollar sales were up 29{e1b6c4ee08d0f44a6a5b11eb06b9139d63cfe72acbaefd7257f78696d447c626} year over year.

The SJWs have turned it around, right? Well, not so much. The following list of bestselling issues is why Marvel and DC managed a one-month positive blip on a weak annual comparable. The top four issues for the month:

  1. Batman #50, $4.99, DC
  2. Amazing Spider-Man #1, $5.99, Marvel
  3. Captain America #1, $4.99, Marvel
  4. Doomsday Clock #6, $4.99, DC

Look at those prices! That “increase” in sales is just a dollar spike from a few high-priced special issues, including two major relaunches and a fake wedding. Unit sales are still down 1.93 percent for the month and 7.02 percent for the year, and appear on track to confirm my prediction of another double-digit decline by the end of the year. For me, the most interesting thing to observe here is the way in which the major independent publishers have not been able to capitalize on the ongoing decline of the Big Two, most likely because they are SJW-converged as well. Marvel and DC are in decline, but IDW, Image, and Dark Horse appear to be collapsing even faster.

In the meantime, the Dark Legion marches relentlessly on with Gun Ghoul #3. August isn’t over yet, but it already marks a new high for us in terms of new comics published, digital editions sold, and total issues sold.

An insane Meta Prime is wreaking murderous havoc in Paris before being hired by a terrified crime lord to deal with the mysterious gunman who has been cutting a bloody swath through the criminal hierarchy of Chicago. But who is more powerful, the superhuman psychopath or the supernatural stranger? There is only one way to find out: a direct confrontation.

Gun Ghoul: Raising the Dead is a furiously action-packed graphic novel by military veteran Will Caligan.