On a roll

Dark Legion Comics is pleased to announce the release of the digital edition of Gun Ghoul #2 by Will Caligan.

In their search for the mysterious killer who is wreaking havoc on the crime lords of Chicago, Agent Justice of the FBI and Detective Callahan of the Chicago Police Department recreate a gun battle that took place at a restaurant in Chinatown. What they learn leads them to the killer’s next target, where they find themselves face-to-face with the ruthless, relentless being itself.

Will they survive the encounter? And is it possible there is more to the story than a simple revenge tale?

Gun Ghoul: Raising the Dead is a furiously action-packed graphic novel by military veteran Will Caligan.

From the reviews of Gun Ghoul #1:

  • Great right out of the gate! This new title by Will Caligan grabs your attention right away, and keeps it from start to finish. The characters seem compelling and the plot is engaging, a mix that is sure to keep people turning Gun Ghouls pages. On a scale of Squirrel Girl to 10, I’d rate the artwork and coloring pretty high, definitely no less than 8. 
  • Very intriguing comic. The main character is a suitably terrifying visage of death and justice. There’s a lot of intrigue as well as a lot of action. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  • Punisher meets Ghost Rider. This comic was like a fun throwback to comics that I read in the 90’s as a kid. The premise is cool and promises a lot of intrigue to come. Just a good old fashioned romp all around. Congratulations to Will Caligan for getting it off the ground.
  • This comic reads like the first stage of a timed 3-Gun match. Over all too quickly after the adrenaline rush of pumping rounds downrange in a flurry and a hurry. Great start.
  • A rousing start to what looks to be a great series. Opens strong and goes up from there. Highly recommended.
But while the Dark Legion has been advancing, Arkhaven has not been standing pat despite a few unexpected curve balls slowing it down. The answer to last week’s oft-heard question, “when will Alt-Hero #3 be available on the Arkhaven Direct store?” turns out to be “today”. We had a bizarre problem where entering the ISBN number to load the book into our inventory produced a book called Adam Bede by V.A. Sutton instead of the expected Arkhaven comic, but the problem has been resolved and the gold logo edition of Alt-Hero #3: Reprisal is now available for $2.99 from the Arkhaven Direct store.

In other Arkhaven news, we are very close to finishing Alt-Hero #4: The War in Paris. We will probably release it the first week of September. We have also decided to produce premium editions of all the Alt-Hero comics for the comic book stores, which will retail for $4.99, feature alternate covers, be printed on heavier 70-pound paper, and have a larger, more conventional 10×7 store-friendly form factor. The premium editions will be available from Arkhaven Direct as well. The first alternate cover has been commissioned, will feature Dynamique in Paris, and is being drawn by one of our new Alt-Hero artists.

Castalia reader opinion poll: if you could have one Castalia-published title or series turned into a graphic novel series, which would it be? Moth & Cobweb is not in the running, since we’re already doing Swan Knight Saga, and we’re not ready to contemplate tackling Arts of Dark and Light yet. Nothing is definite, I’m just interested in getting people’s opinions now that we’ve got a number of very good artists interested in working with us.