Darkstream: Paganism can’t save the West

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To be clear, none of these self-proclaimed pagans are actual pagans. They don’t actually believe in pagan gods, they don’t actually worship pagan gods, they have no knowledge whatsoever of actual pagan religion, and so pagans are atheists, maybe agnostics at most. But the reality is that you have to give them some credit because the reason for this, for lack of a better term, for this paganism, the reason that people are trying to push it, is because they understand you cannot go into a religious war without a religion.

What we’re actually seeing – this is kind of ironic – the interest in paganism, particularly on the part of young Westerners, is a reaction to two things.  Number one, it’s a reaction to the increased number of Muslims in the West, but number two, it’s also a reaction to the complete failure of atheism. It’s a reaction to the failure of secular society. It is now very obvious to everyone that the whole idea that science was going to help humanity develop past religion and and create a society that was this shiny, sexy, science fiction futuristic society where everyone would wear funky 70’s one-piece suits isn’t going to happen. Secular humanism has completely failed and so because of that people are looking for alternatives.

Of course you’ve got the same problem in accepting Christianity. People, especially young people, are resistant to accepting Christian morality, and of course some people simply have problem believing in things that they can’t see. And so when you look at those factors, this is where you get the idiot pagans saying that Western civilization cannot be saved, it’s over and largely “thanks to Christianity which is so homo-Jewish.” It’s not at all, in fact, Jewish homosexuals would be the first to tell you how much and how actively they oppose Christianity. What you guys who are trying to blame the failure of Christendom on Christianity are doing is you’re attempting to saw off the branch that you’re sitting on in order to save the tree. It’s ridiculous. It’s utterly, utterly stupid