Interview by Bounding Into Comics

Bounding Into Comics interviewed me about Arkhaven, Comicsgate, and our next crowdfunding campaign:

Bounding Into Comics (BIC): The comic book industry at large appears to be in decline. The latest report indicates a 6{64c1a3d9a40559511922326ab01596b0c1a24761117e0e4906b04888ba2118a8} decline in sales in 2017. What made you want to dive into comics with Arkhaven Comics and Dark Legion imprints when the comic industry appears to be contracting?

Vox: The decline in the comics industry is the result of two factors, an artificially constricted distribution system and the SJW convergence of the publishers. People simply don’t go to comic book stores like they did in past decades and they REALLY don’t like the conversion of all their traditional heroes and villains into politically correct parodies of themselves. No one wants to read tedious left-wing sermons about Gay Black Hindu Socialist Batman in a Wheelchair crying onto Hispano-Palestinian She-Joker’s shoulder over his doubts that society will accept his planned transition into Batwoman.

Their stories are boring. Their heroes aren’t heroic. Their villains are cardboard cutouts. Their morality tales aren’t moral. Their female characters are increasingly fat and ugly and mannish. It’s no wonder their readers are increasingly abandoning them.

BIC: What do you think is the primary reason behind the decline in sales?

Vox: Initially, the distribution issue. The industry has never recovered from Marvel’s attempt to move into distribution and the resulting Diamond monopoly. But the next phase of the decline is due to the convergence of the comics themselves. The third phase will be the mass collapse of the comic book stores, which has already begun.

BIC: Are you seeing success with Arkhaven Comics and Dark Legion despite the industry contracting overall?

Vox: More than you would probably believe if I told you the details. We have already signed with a movie producer. We already have multiple movie and game deals on the table. Not options, actual development projects with real budgets.

BIC: With your success, what are you doing on the distribution and the story end that differentiates you from the rest of the industry?

Vox: We’ve partnered with a very large general distribution company, which allows us to reach readers outside of the traditional comic book stores. On the story end, the mere fact that our writers are firmly on the side of God, America, and Western civilization sets us very far apart from the godless globalist degenerates who are attempting to push their delusions and depravities at the expense of telling quality stories. It doesn’t hurt that we feature actual published writers, who read and write actual books, writing our stories.

BIC: What’s your take on ComicsGate? Do you consider yourself part of ComicsGate?

Vox: I am the leader of ComicsGate. So can you.

Read the rest of it there. Note that it’s two pages.

In not-unrelated news, Neon Revolt enthusiastically endorses the idea of our next campaign:

I have to give credit to the absolutely prolific Vox Day and direct your attention to his new comic series – Alt-Hero (which is doing exceptionally well on Amazon). In it, he’s decided to feature a whole storyline revolving around, who else, but #QAnon!

Check it out, starting at 10:10 in the video.

And I highlight this because I really think it’s important to check out the work of creatives who are striving to work independently and create good, traditionally-themed art and media – especially because the #LunaticLeft derives so much of its power and influence due to its systematic domination of the media. First, it allows the Left to legitimize ideas that just should never be legitimized, demoralize and erode the more traditional elements of society, and appear much bigger than it actually is. It builds these insidious, entrenched power structures that bombard the public with certain messages, and then turns around and does everything it can to make sure it keeps anyone to the right of Marx unemployed – no matter how talented they are.

Often, the only viable route forward for these kinds of artists to create their own platforms, their own businesses, and operate completely independently.

Vox is succeeding in this arena with his Arkhaven Comics label. And that’s vitally important, because things like this open up opportunities for other creators that might not be so welcome in the traditional halls of power.

My only concern, Vox, with this storyline – is that the truth will be much wilder than any kind of fiction anyone could cook up.

I have absolutely no doubt at all that the truth will eventually prove to be wilder than what The Legend Chuck Dixon is writing, but we’re going to give it whirl anyhow. It’s going to make the average Bond plot look like a murder in Miss Marple’s village by comparison.