Mailvox: escaping the gatekeepers

Now that William F. Buckley is dead and no one reads National Review anymore, new gatekeepers are needed to keep conservatives on the farm:

The more I examine Conservative positions (that I used to hold) the angrier I get.

I’ve been paying a bit of attention to an Ultra Cuckservative on Twitter for a few weeks.

His name is Charlie Kirk and he runs a Conservative group called Turning Point.

He posted this on Twitter just last night:

“Fringe ethno-nationalist racial identitarians have NO PLACE in the conservative movement – we reject them!”

Every post from this clown is the same old Basic B Conservative Boilerplate we’ve seen for decades. He’s constantly tweeting about Blacks. Never mentions white people.

I suspect he’s propped up, too. He’s only 24 years old, I never even heard of this guy two years ago, but he has nearly 700K twitter followers and has managed to establish a fairly major think-tanky style operation.

Propped-up? Just because he hasn’t been kicked off Twitter, he’s barely out of college, and he has a well-funded think tank is no reason to be suspicious. He’s probably just whip-smart and DEMOLISHES liberals with his tweets.

Anyhow, neither identitarians nor nationalists have any place in the conservative movement, since the conservative movement never conserved anything, least of all America.