Alt★Hero #3: Reprisal

Alt★Hero #3: Reprisal is now on Amazon. Kindle and KU editions are available.

Michael Martel and the mysterious Immotus have freed Shiloh Summers from the UN’s Superhuman Protective Council, but now Security Director Kulkarni is determined to track them down. So when SPC agents take her mother and father into custody as official persons of interest, Shiloh and her new friends face a difficult choice: fight to free them or find another way to convince the SPC to let them go.

From the first reviews:

  • Every issue of this series is improving on the last. 
  • Been following this latest insurgency in the culture war with mild interest. But they finally got me actually hooked. Art quality has jumped up a notch or three, and the story is starting to go somewhere. 
  • Better than Civil War! Even at their best, back in the old days when Marvel and DC delved into politics and social commentary, they were not as gripping and thought-provoking as this! 
  • Story is AAA! This one was freakin’ goooooood! Best yet of the Arkhaven comics releases. Already, after a total of four issues in this universe (3 Alt-Hero, one Avalon) we’re starting to see an interconnected web. The plot is racing ahead. These characters, these stories, this setting… It is going to be big. Huge. Epic.
  • This is writing one hardly sees in comics anymore, and it’s a slice of awesome. I thought issue 2 was good, but this in many ways is better. And once again, stellar artwork.
One note for backers: the credits page of the backer editions that first went out does NOT have the correct name of the next issue. It turned out that we were considerably further along on a different issue, so the name of Issue #4 is THE WAR IN PARIS.

The inaugural ARKSTREAM also contains a quick look at some of Arkhaven’s future plans. As for Issue #3, it looks as if we’re off to a good start. Three of the top four bestsellers in the category, and four of the top ten, are from Arkhaven. Thanks for your strong support!