Jeff Bezos’s favorite fake conservative

You guessed it, it’s the New York Times-endorsed controlled opposition figure, (((Ben Shapiro))).

Alexa Names Her Favorite Conservative Pundit: Ben Shapiro.

The responses by Instapundit readers demonstrate that conservatives are finally seeing through the little fraud. These are all just from the initial page of comments.

Basil Makedon
This endorsement is enough for me to banish Shapiro to the outer-darkness. I don’t actually see the fascination with him, honestly. He’s not nearly as clever as he (and his fans) believes. I went to Law School with at least a half-dozen short, Jewish guys who were twice as smart, more conservative and talked at least as fast. Most of his “debates” are with half-witted children who have had indoctrination rather than education. The whole “Intellectual Dark Web” thing is such a farce. All of those people — save Shapiro — are Leftists, shivved by Blessed Hussein’s children. Shapiro is the lone exception, which of course makes me suspicious.

Alexa likes the chipmunk on helium? Fix her taste buds, Bezos. Sigh. I used to like him, too. Once upon a time.

Carey J
It’s only because Shapiro writes for NeverTrump Review.

 Kyle Smith
The highly politicized Alexa answers mean that someone works full time politicizing Alexa and is paid to to do that. They hate average Americans and cannot help themsevles. Every “power” they get they turn to politics and hate.

You could make an argument that Shapiro is a classical liberal based on his defense of free speech as long as he likes the person who’s speech is being restricted. You’d be wrong but you could at least make a good faith argument. In no way is he a conservative.

Ben Shapiro has publicly stated that “racists” should be hunted down and hounded from their places of employment. Naturally he’s all about Israel staying jewish by any means necessary but ‘doesn’t care’ about America’s demographics. Ben Shapiro has also defended James Gunn’s “jokes” about pedophilia. It just goes to show who he likes and whose side he is on.

Ben is the controlled opposition. They have to have some opposition, but they reign him in very well. He was just defending a pedophile recently after all!

Richard Warren
No surprise that the Approved Opposision (TM) is the approved opposition, except perhaps to that Driscoll guy.

A member of the “Intellectual Dark Web” is Jeff Bezos favorite conservative? How can this be? We couldn’t possibly have been sold a false bill of goods!

Ben is a complete putz who would run conservatism as a completely ineffective opposition if he could. I think Alexa is just following orders here.

Why would Alexa need to go to reeducation camp for picking one of the NYT approved voices of the conservative movement?

No, Bezos smiles. The Littlest Chickenhawk is the controlled opposition. All is proceeding in accordance with Bezos’ plan.

Well of course Benny is her favourite. Why would he not be. Seemingly a combative worthy adversary, but in reality, under the surface, nobody to worry about at all. Because what Ben really approves of is Ben Shapiro, and his exquisite better than you morality. All sound and absolutely no fury, signifying —nothing.