Winning: Arkhaven edition

An Arkhaven reader emails:

My son was recently punished, not allowed to play on his computer. I offered him some comics, because he is always allowed to read, no matter what; I offered him my World War Hulk, Dark Phoenix, House Of M, Decimation, X-Cutioner’s Song (w/ Stryfe), Age Of Apocalypse, etc.

His response: But I Like Fazer!

From Avalon #1: The Street Rules.

That’s winning.

That is indeed. And now it’s time to call upon the Arkhaven fans in the UK. Ingram and Arkhaven are about to launch our mailing campaign to all the comic book stores in the UK, which will put the first two Alt-Hero comics, plus Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #1, in the hands of the comic book store owners so they can see the quality for themselves. The idea is to a) convince all the stores to sign up with Ingram, and, b) convince them to carry Arkhaven’s comics.

If you are a UK resident and you’re willing to call upon a few stores, either by phone or in person, to help follow up on the mailing, please email me with ARKHAVEN UK in the subject and include the name of your local comic book store, if any, in in the body of the email.

I can also confirm that Castalia/Arkhaven Direct will begin shipping in the UK before December.