The Toad of Tor returns!

It’s going to be beautiful seeing how the SF-SJWs react to the coming collapse of Tor Books. They are just horrible little creatures. The Toad of Tor is still so bitter about her husband’s muting by Macmillan that she is after anyone who dares to so much as speak well of me.

This week I launched Flying Sparks, my beautiful superhero comic of a hero and villain in love, and the mantra of Jon Del Arroz “isn’t really a bestseller” continued. The publisher’s wife and employee of the company Teresa Neilsen Hayden launched an attack on me because I spoke positively of fellow author Vox Day, who has recently taken a generous amount of time actually criticizing some of my work in a constructive way and guiding me to help me become a better author, something no one from Tor has ever come close to doing in their childish namecalling and gaslighting attacks.

But the Nielsen Haydens still have just enough influence within the creepy little SF fandom community to put on a show for the Twitter Trust & Safety Council at the expense of the leading Hispanic voice in science fiction. Based on my experience, this is the prelude to Jon Del Arroz’s eventual banning from Twitter.

I don’t know about you, but I’m truly going to enjoy Arkhaven and Castalia House crushing these evil grotesqueries. They have already failed, they simply aren’t fully aware of it yet. Once the full extent of what we’re now in the process of doing becomes clear to them, they’re going to need to seriously up their medications. And speaking of Jon Del Arroz, I can confirm that Dark Legion Comics will be publishing the retail editions of his successfully-funded Flying Sparks comic.