No deal, no problem

The British public is increasingly able to see past the pro-EU fearmongering:

Britain has nothing to fear from leaving the EU without a deal, leading Brexiteers declared last night.

After a weekend when Theresa May’s Chequers plan came under fire from Remainers and Leavers alike, a poll yesterday showed growing public support for walking away from the negotiations.

It found twice as many voters now back leaving the EU without a deal.

Remainers have long argued that the consequences of no deal would be catastrophic for the economy. But leading Brexiteers admitted yesterday that although it could be bumpy in the short term, Britain could thrive in the long run. Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said: ‘If we don’t have a trade deal with the EU then we simply trade on World Trade Organisation terms, which is how most countries trade with each other.

The ComRes poll for the Daily Mirror found 39 per cent think the Prime Minister ‘should accept a no-deal and the UK simply leave the EU’. Just 20 per cent want her to press on with the White Paper, which critics say is a ‘half in, half out’ Brexit.

Furthermore, not bothering with a deal will take the wind out of the sales of the traitorous Remain activists who claim that a second referendum to approve the deal would be necessary. It isn’t anyhow, but they wouldn’t even have a false justification to which they could appeal.

And given that Treasonous May just lost her TENTH minister, this one the Junior Defence Minister, how is it possible that she still hasn’t resigned herself? The Tories would do well to start the no-confidence process, because it is clear that no one except Herr Merkel has any confidence in her.