The pro-pedo campaign

Apparently it’s not going well in India:

A Google engineer has been beaten to death in the latest attack sparked by false WhatsApp messages accusing people of kidnapping children in India. Mohammad Azam was attacked along with two friends by a 2,000-strong mob in southern Karnataka state’s Bidar district. Police said 27-year-old Azam and his companions were returning to their home in neighbouring Hyderabad city after visiting a friend in Bidar when they stopped midway and offered chocolates to local school children.

That’s certainly a rather more robust response than the US one, which of late has been to hire them as elementary school teachers and scoutmasters and youth pastors. It’s really not that hard. Normal men put up with children, they don’t go out actively seeking their company. And after reading The Last Closet, nothing sends an ominous chill up the spine like hearing the phrase, “he’s practically a child himself.”