Well, he is

The usual suspects are upset at an MMA champion acknowledging the obvious:

MMA fighter Conor McGregor has sparked outraged after labelling Vladimir Putin ‘one of the greatest leaders of our time’ after meeting him at the World Cup Final.

McGregor posted the inflammatory photo to his 24 million Instagram followers on Sunday showing him posing with the Russian top dog ahead of kick off at the Luzhniki Stadium.

In the photo’s caption, the multi-millionaire fighter said he was ‘honored to attend the event’ and said he had been invited as Putin’s personal guest.

But his antics didn’t go down all that well on social media, as several online commentators blasted him for accepting the invitation.

Remember, his critics are the kind of people who slavered over Stalin and Hitler back in their day. But what world leader seriously compares to the likes of Putin, Xi, and the God Emperor? Merkel? May? Trudeau?

The eight years of unmitigated failure known as Obama?