How SJWs take public figures down

All they need is that one kill-quote:

Earlier this week, John H. Schnatter resigned as the company’s chairman after he admitted to dropping the N-word during a conference call with a marketing agency. The 56-year-old billionaire now claims his words were taken out of context and that he was pressured to use the slur.

“The agency was promoting that vocabulary […] And I made it real clear: ‘Listen, we’re not gonna go there. We’re not gonna talk about this,’” Schnatter told Louisville radio station WHAS. “They pushed me and it upset me, and I just said, ‘Listen, other people have used that word. I don’t, and will not use that word and people at Papa John’s don’t use that.’ And that was the comment. But they actually wanted to get into that vocabulary, and I said absolutely not.”

It’s strange, is it not, that these people professing to be so offended by Schnatter have no problem with Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, or any number of people know to have used the exact same language far more extensively.

If this has anything to do with the NFL, it’s mildly amusing to contemplate the idea that this will accomplish anything but sink it faster.

Don’t talk to the media and don’t talk to anyone who has anything to do with the media.