Trumpslide 2020 confirmed

Piers Morgan interviews his old pal, the God-Emperor:

Confirmed: He’ll run for a second term in 2020

There has been lots of rampant speculation as to whether Trump will run for President again. It was time to get a definitive answer.

‘Is there any doubt you’ll run again in 2020?’

‘Well you never know what happens with health and other things…’

‘You look fit.’

‘I feel good.’

‘I saw your menu for tonight, pretty healthy stuff… but 2020, are you going to run?’

‘Well I fully intend to. It seems like everybody wants me to.’

I suspect ‘everybody’ is bordering on fake news.

But there it was – official confirmation that Donald Trump will run again.

‘Do you see a Democrat who can possibly beat you?’ I asked.

‘No. I don’t see anybody. I know them all and I don’t see anybody.

‘So liberals could be facing not two more years of you but potentially six?’

‘They do not have the right candidate.’

There isn’t even a Democrat who can keep it close. Donald Trump is already the best U.S. President since the 19th Century and we haven’t seen anything yet. Six more years sounds good.