Driving them to drink

The mere thought of facing the God-Emperor had the unelected sham “leader” of the European Commission needing Dutch courage:

The European Union leader was stumbling so much that world leaders including the presidents of Finland and Ukraine, and the Dutch Prime Minister, were forced to hold him up.

Footage from the summit shows the 63-year-old being held up as he makes his way down the stairs. But as Mr Juncker attempts to walk he stumbles backwards and loses his balance once again. The European Commission President then had to be held at the arm in an effort to steady himself.

Prime Minister Theresa May walked past Mr Juncker and grinned, seemingly unaware that the European Commission President was struggling to stand unaided.

Mr Juncker was attending a gala at the Nato summit in Brussels attended by US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

Remember when Hillary couldn’t even manage to walk straight during the U.S. presidential campaign? I’m noticing an interesting pattern here.