Good rhetoric confirmed

This report of an internal email at Business Insider is for all the rhetorically-challenged and pedantic spergs who have whined about calling SJWs social justice warriors and loftily declared things like “You shouldn’t call them WARRIORS, that’s a COMPLIMENT” and “I call them social justice CRYBULLIES” and otherwise demonstrated their complete inability to grasp that rhetoric does not concern a) their thoughts, b) their feelings, or c) accurate description.

Business Insider has established a new policy for opinion pieces covering “culturally sensitive topics, such as marginalized communities, race, or LGTBQ+ issues,” the result of a now-deleted column that defended the actress Scarlett Johannson for accepting a movie role as a transgender man.
The guidelines were outlined in a lengthy internal email, obtained by CNN, sent Monday from Business Insider’s global editor-in-chief Nicholas Carlson to other editors at the site. Going forward, Carlson said, “[c]ulturally sensitive columns, analysis, and opinion pieces” must be reviewed by both the writer’s editor and either one of the site’s executive editors or editors-in-chief.

“Ultimately, it is the first editor’s responsibility to flag culturally sensitive stories,” Carlson said in the email. “It may be hard to tell which are and which are not. The policy is to err on the safe side, even if it slows us down. We should be as careful about culturally sensitive pieces as we are legally sensitive pieces, and this policy reflects that.”

Reached for comment on Tuesday morning, Carlson referred CNN to Business Insider’s public relations department… In his memo on Monday, Carlson specifically addressed the term “social justice warriors,” an epithet wielded by conservatives against individuals they perceive to be too politically correct, saying it should not be used by columnists.

“There should be no partisan name-calling, e.g. ‘social justice warriors,’ ‘libtards,’ or ‘rednecks,’” Carlson said. “Opinion and arguments should feel reported and researched, and not like quick reactions.”

When SJWs in the media are actually trying to ban the use of the term that they themselves created, and declare it to exceed the bounds of permissible discourse, you know it stings them to the very core. So get over yourselves and use it.