Are they not Americans too?

If you’re a civic nationalist, then don’t expect us to take seriously your future whining about foreign residents being given the right to vote. Have we not been told that it is the act of traveling to the United States with the intention of finding a better life there that makes one truly an American?

Non-U.S. citizens living in the country legally may one day be allowed to vote in Boston elections. The City Council is holding a hearing Tuesday on the idea at the request of Council President Andrea Campbell. The council is considering ways to make city elections more inclusive, including allowing immigrants with legal status in the country the right to vote in municipal races.

That could include legal permanent residents, visa holders and those on Temporary Protected Status or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Campbell’s order for a hearing says Boston has more than 190,000 foreign-born residents, which represents 28 percent of the city population.

Now, what is more indicative of a commitment to the “nation”, mouthing a few words you don’t even understand or at least taking the trouble to get on an airplane and relocate? Just wait until the Left takes the Boston initiative national… which is an ironic turn of phrase if I’ve ever heard one. Because they most certainly will. It’s a winning strategy for Democrats that is soundly rooted in civic nationalist rhetoric that even many conservatives accept.

Like communism, feminism, libertarianism and socialism, civic nationalism is an ideology that carries within itself the seeds of its own inevitable demise.