Following our lead

DC Comics is now imitating Arkhaven Comics:

Apparently, things come in threes. This looks like the third reveal about DC Comics upcoming plans for their monthly comic book line. – only one of which they have admitted to. This morning, Bleeding Cool told you about DC’s exclusive Walmart anthologies, serialising new Batman comics by Brian Bendis and Superman comics by Tom King which then got confirmed everywhere.

We then told you that DC Comics were moving their $3.99 line of comics from 20-page stories to 22-page stories, to justify the price point and steal a march on Marvel Comics.

And now? As a result of their investment into the 100 page Walmart anthology titles and the print stock needed for those titles, DC Comics are going to shift from glossy paper to non-glossy paper for their entire line.

Arkhaven already prints on non-glossy paper. And we don’t do 20-page stories, but 24-page stories. 20 percent more for 25 percent less! Of course, our 24-page stories retail for only $2.99 and aren’t full of SJW preaching. Check out the print editions here.