You knew Marvel would make me a villain

Sooner or later. It was inevitable.

The Kree’s homeworld of Hala is in ruin, but the alien empire has sounded the call to war and directed it at the Inhumans. They have sent Black Bolt a direct message, “Join or Die.” But this is no ordinary message. It’s written in blood. The blood of Inhumans. The blood of 11,038 Inhumans. That’s right. The Kree Empire butchered 11,038 Inhumans to send Black Bolt a message that he will join the Kree Empire or die.

These 11,038 Inhumans wouldn’t be the only casualties. Four Inhuman queens would also perish at the hands of the Kree.

And they would be joined by some of Black Bolt’s closest allies. Triton falls to the Kree when he is unable to escape the blast radius of a bomb left as a trap for Black Bolt and his Royal Family.

Triton wouldn’t be the only one close to Black Bolt to perish. He would be joined by Lockjaw and Maximus who fell to the ferocious power of a brand new villain and the first of a brand new race to the Marvel Universe. This villain is a Super-Inhuman known as Vox. This new villain, Vox, is described as the “voice and the wrath of the gods. He is the full-throated scream of the Kree Empire.”

Except the real Vox doesn’t want the subhumans – as the SJWs at Marvel are more properly known – to join the Evil Legion of Evil. What are the odds that Vox’s evil minions are both vile and faceless?

He cannot be swayed or tricked or bought, for he wants nothing but his enemies’ hearts to stop beating.

See, now that does sound familiar…. As does the New Arkhaven… I mean, Arctilan. And they did get the scythe right too. But where is Spacebunny?