The definition of bad rhetoric

White nationalists nearly as stubbornly stupid about their consistently failed strategies as conservatives. No wonder they’re unable to gain any substantial support even when the ideological trend is increasingly nationalist and genuine nationalists are beginning to gain power around the world.

what has been done to whites for decades fits in the united nations’ definition of genocide. policies were put in place to “in whole or in part” destroy the traditions, religion, nations and the peoples of white european and north american countries/nations. this has been pointed out to you probably a thousand (or ten) times by now. and the fact that you keep denying the current state of whites (and the policies implemented against them) is by u.n. definition genocide might be why you are, and will always be considered/called “controlled op” by some in the alt-right (and other white identitarians/wns).

at what point, vox, does vox start calling it genocide? is it only at the point of farm murders for land? does it require whites to drop to a specific number in population? or is it a matter in which the rate of the genocide can be implemented and completed over a specific number of years, decades, generations or tv series finales?

I don’t recognize the UN definition of anything. I’m not a globalist, so why would I accept their contorted, deceitful terminology?

Like every other educated, literate individual, when I require a definition, I utilize the dictionary. GENOCIDE: the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Whites are obviously not being exterminated, not when there are more whites now living on the planet than ever before in human history. This is why the “white genocide” rhetoric is such an abysmal failure even though people are increasingly angry about globalism, increasingly inclined to support nationalism, and increasingly disgusted by the way in which the media and the ad industry is constantly trying to push immigration, miscegenation, and other societal ills on everyone on the planet.