Prelude to war

Patriot Prayer didn’t have too much trouble putting Antifa on the run, but it’s clear that they weren’t actually ready for trouble on the basis of their nonexistent tactics.

Remember, a small, well-organized core is always going to be much more effective operating together than a large, ragtag mob. Especially because as it operates, others begin to follow their lead. But it is certainly interesting to see the scenarios being portrayed in Alt-Hero actually playing out on the streets of Portland and other cities.

It’s also interesting to see that with Trump in office, the local pro-Antifa politicians are considerably less confident about their ability to use the police against the Right with one-sided law enforcement and strategic stand-downs than they were under the Obama regime. Regardless, if you haven’t read The 4GW Handbook yet, you probably should. Get the paperback so you can share it more easily.

A good clip of an Antifa thug getting KO’d with a single punch at the same showdown. Of course, the guy promptly shows he’s not a real fighter, as he backs off rather than fight the Antifa thugette who runs up and kicks him. That’s the hapless white knight mindset that has permitted the invasion of the West. If you’re not prepared to take on anyone who takes the field against you, then don’t go out there at all.