Mailvox: shaking off the dust

A reader realizes that his church is politicized, cucked, and anti-Biblical. Time to find a new place of worship:

We’ve been attending a church for some time now that has pretty good doctrinal foundation, but there have been noticeable cracks.  I was content to stay for the time being, but today was the last straw.  After the worship set, we were subjected to a morbidly obese, unmarried, nose ring-wearing black woman, claiming the title and mantle of a Deacon, taking to the pulpit and instructing us as a congregation to have a time of special prayer on behalf of the children being separated from their families at the southern border.  She was sure to say “this is not political”, but then proceeded to levy Deuteronomy 10 in order to emotionally blackmail us, deceitfully using “sojourner” to represent permanent and illegal invaders. The Lord has a heart for these children, of course, and so should we, but the political implications and undertone were clear.

Furthermore, not once have I heard anyone take to the pulpit and ask for a special time of prayer for orphans in our own state or city.  Not once have I heard them ask for a special time of prayer for something that substantially affects our own community, such as the opioid epidemic.  Not once have I heard them address the severe negative effects that our society has borne (and will bear) due to mass immigration – from crime, physical and career displacement, increased debt/taxes, to the eventual collapse of federal finances due to the increased welfare, etc.  No, we had to have a special time of prayer over a mere 2,000 children that might have been temporarily separated from their “parents” as their bullshit asylum claims were adjudicated.  It was all I could do to not stand up and confront this shameful display by shouting her down.

The wife and I left immediately after, and are now seeking a new church home, however I have little hope that we would be able to find any American church that will boldly stand up for our own people first.  If I were so equipped, I would start one myself.  For now, the best I can do is to try and positively influence my family and friends to be aware about what is happening to our civilization, and do what we can to stem the tide.

If Christians would simply do a better job of a) following the clear instructions in the Bible, and, b) policing their institutions and organizations, this mass exodus would not be necessary. But for some reason, welcoming everyone is almost always accorded a higher priority than anything else, despite Paul’s explicit warning about wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The one thing I would recommend to the reader is to not disappear, but be sure he informs the pastor and the board of deacons why his family will not be attending that institution that used to be a church. Any church that has female priests, pastors, or deacons is already dead, I am not aware of a single example of a church that has adopted them that has not subsequently seen a rapid decline in both its teachings and its attendance.