Mailvox: Blue-collar wakeup call

White Americans are gradually learning that their good intentions don’t mean a damned thing when they interfere with an identity group’s self-interest or objectives.

This isn’t news to you but is interesting for me to watch. I work in a foundry. We have [hundreds of] employees. Around 90 percent are men. All of the older workers, engineers, and upper management are white.

HR says they deal with 27 different first languages. Many employees are Mexican, SE Asian, and Africans (even fewer black Americans). English is sometimes their 3rd language. We used to have more eastern European & Russian but most have moved on.

The department I work in is all male, over 40, and white. A few of them are California and Nevada transplants. One of the transplants recently was called racist, by a dark-skinned Mexican, for not mounting a fan on his forklift as soon as the Mexican complained about being hot to HR. Only the office & lunch room areas, in [very large] facility, are air-conditioned. The Mexican’s old white female manager is backing him on the racist label and escalating the situation. Last fall HR hired two new people. Both are textbook SJWs. Your books have been very helpful in learning what to look out for.

The transplant is a friend of mine. He’s a nice guy to work and hunt with but a cuck in the culture war. Multiple of his biological grandkids are White-Mexican mixed. I talked to him about the southern border invasion a couple of years ago. He got angry over what I said. After a couple of days he realized it was the truth. He lived in California for over 45 years. He saw the changes that happened there. He moved due to the rise in crime.

Unfortunately he hasn’t taken my advice to buy your books and read them. So now he finds himself pissed and confused.  I told him to quickly contact the other places that have recently offered him a job and run out of here. This company is collapsing again. It’s SJW-infiltrated. He won’t win and if he fights it here he could get a racist label stuck on him, which will kill any chance of a decent blue-collar job at any company with an HR department in the area. Especially if they also have any SJW infiltration.

I hope he gets a new job fast and learns his place in the culture war. Especially before it goes hot.

Don’t let this happen to you, your friends, or your family. Read SJWAL and SJWADD instead of learning your lesson the hard way.