Quantum Mortis #1 reviewed

Bounding Into Comics reviews Quantum Mortis #1:

The first issue of Quantum Mortis: A Man Disrupted from Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics is a lot of things rolled into one. It’s a classic adventure style/sci-fi/murder mystery/procedural drama all existing cohesively in a single comic book. It spends a lot of time setting up the main characters’ motivations and personalities while also laying out the groundwork for the mystery that will carry the story ahead in proceeding issues. While the potential for the story is exciting, those looking for a bit of action with their story will find themselves left a little wanting.

In the opening pages we are introduced to our main protagonist, Chief Warrant Officer Graven Tower. It only took a few panels for me to decide that I’m going to like this guy. He is at the same time charming and egotistical. He’s obviously full of himself, but he’s also incredibly competent and in that way, he reminds me of a Tony Stark-type character. The story begins by him getting involved in a murder mystery, not because he really wants to solve the thing, but because he has a crush on the responding officer, Detector Hildreth. He even pops a breath mint and checks his hair in the window when she shows up. Classic.

Read the whole thing there. They didn’t like it quite as much as either of the Alt-Hero issues, but they had some nice things to say about it. Don’t forget, it’s available in print and on Kindle/KU.