TEDpedo Talks

Pity the poor pedos… TEDx is trying to bury its pro-pedophilia advocacy by removing this video from its site and trying to get it pulled from YouTube. But this is what the globalist elite is actively and aggressively pushing for, this is the end game of all the LBGT-whatever nonsense.

Let me tell you about Jonas Jonas is 19 years old, he studies law in Munich, in his spare time he likes to play soccer. Jonas has a secret which he thinks he cannot share with anyone, not even with
his best friend or with his parents, he’s just too afraid of anger, rejection, and repulsion. Jonas knows that he has to suppress his sexual drive for his entire life and he also knows that there will never be a loving and fulfilling partnership that he can enter because Jonas is a pedophile. He’s only attracted to female children between the ages of 6 and 12 years, but since he’s aware of the consequences for the children he has never given in to his sexual drive….

We can make a difference for Jonas, we as a society can be there for him. At the moment we live in a world that already excludes pedophiles because of their preference alone. Someone who is lonely
and excluded from society has little to lose and is at much higher risk to commit a crime like for example child
sexual abuse we can make Jonas feel that
he stays a valuable member of our
society although he’s a pedophile right
now most of us feel discomfort when we
think about this scenario and most of us
feel discomfort when we think about
pedophiles but just like pedophiles we
are not responsible for our feelings we
do not choose them but we are
responsible for our actions and we must
make a decision it is an our
responsibility to reflect and to
overcome our negative feelings about
pedophiles and to treat them with us
same respect we treat other people with
we should accept that pedophiles are
people who have not chosen their
sexuality and who unlike most of us will
never be able to live it out freely if
they want to lead an upright life we
should accept that pedophilia is a
sexual preference a thought a feeling
and not an act
we should differentiate between child
sexual abuse and pedophilia we shouldn’t
increase the suffering of pedophiles by
excluding them by blaming and mocking