Mailvox: converging Total War

AR observes some unnecessary updates to one of the dogs of the Total War series.

I decided to try replaying Total War: Rome 2 recently. After a mandatory update from Steam, I noticed a bunch of… peculiar updates. Nothing has changed except the following:

  • They added female Generals / Leaders. This includes voices and skins (graphics) for female characters both on the strategic map and the battlefield.
  • They added feminist propaganda in the loading screens. This goes for graphics and copy.

Zenobia is perhaps the only female whose superior genius broke through the servile indolence imposed on her sex by the climate and manners of Asia.
– Edward Gibbon, English historian (1734-1794)

Why would they put all this work into a 5-year-old video game that flopped upon release? Do you think a blue-haired androgyne fatty take over that project?

It sounds to me as if an SJW was named a first-time producer on a minor project and decided that the game could be updated by bringing its politics up to date.